Rich Shapero

Rich Shapero’s novels dare readers with giant metaphors, magnificent obsessions and potent ideas. His casts of idealistic lovers, laboring miners, and rebellious artists all rate ideas as paramount, more important than life itself. They traverse wild landscapes and visionary realms, imagining gods who in turn imagine them. Like the seekers themselves, readers grapple with revealing truths about human potential.

Balcony of Fog and his other titles—The Slide That Buried Rightful, Dissolve, Island Fruit Remedy, Rin, Tongue and Dorner, Arms from the Sea, The Hope We Seek, Too Far and Wild Animus—are available in hardcover and as ebooks. They also combine music, visual art, animation and video in the TooFar Media app.

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Rich Shapero
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Balcony of Fog combines Rich Shapero’s soaring novel with illuminating video to create an electrifyingly provocative story for the eyes, ears, and imagination. Use this website to learn more about Balcony of Fog in hardcover, ebook and app formats, including information about Rich and his collaborators. Balcony of Fog is available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books and Google Books, as well as an app for iOS (Apple) and Android.