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What kind of perspective might we need to recognize, and accept, our irreconcilable desires for harmony and power?

In a storm-ravaged corner of post-nuclear America, Arden is left for dead after a brutal beating from his superior. On waking, he encounters Estra, a lost woman of mysterious origin, whom he smuggles into his cell. Desperate, and now in love, the two resolve to escape to the place from which Estra has come—the cloud realm.

Together, they ascend to the skies and make their home on a vacant cumulus, where Estra initiates Arden into the ways of the vaporous world. On the horizon looms a thunderhead, growing larger and more monstrous as it consumes the clouds in its path. The thunderhead is following them, and Estra knows and fears the man driving it.

As the hidden truths of Estra’s past emerge, Arden despairs, then—with Estra’s encouragement and guidance—determines to fight back.

Mixing the sublimity of fair-weather skies with the nightmarish violence of electric storms, Balcony of Fog illuminates the tension between the power of love and the love of power.

“Powerful and complex.”
Library Journal

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Balcony of Fog combines Rich Shapero’s soaring novel with illuminating video to create an electrifyingly provocative story for the eyes, ears, and imagination. Use this website to learn more about Balcony of Fog in hardcover, ebook and app formats, including information about Rich and his collaborators. Balcony of Fog is available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books and Google Books, as well as an app for iOS (Apple) and Android.